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Salt Therapy (traditionally known as halotherapy) is a natural and drug-free method of relief for respiratory ailments and skin conditions. Salt naturally reduces inflammation of the respiratory system and strengthens the immune system. A specially designed Halogenerator grinds dry salt into tiny particles and distributes it throughout our tranquil rooms while you relax comfortably and breathe in the benefits of salt.

Experience the Benefits of Salt Therapy


It’s hard to breathe when you have allergies or sinusitis. That’s because your nasal passages are inflamed and congested. Dry salt acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, opening and soothing your air passages. Schedule a session now to breathe freely everywhere you go.


Salt therapy delivers low concentrations of micronized salt deep into the lungs, where the salt acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. The salt also works to break down phlegm, which is then naturally expelled. This process can help open your airways and improve breathing. Come in for a session to start breathing easier.

Skin Conditions

Micro-sized salt particles reach beneath the skin’s surface pulling moisture towards the skin. Larger salt particles land on the skin, absorbing bacteria and foreign substances. Cells are rejuvenated and skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and eczema are improved. Our private salt bed allows for maximum skin exposure to the healing properties of dry salt. Come in and start your path to healing.

Stress Management

Are you finding it hard to take time for yourself to unwind?  Do the everyday pressures of work and home leave you feeling worn out and drained?  Reconnect to your mind and body with salt therapy.  Our electronics-free environment gives you the downtime you need to unplug, while the healing salt helps to relax and calm your mind.  Schedule an appointment today and breathe your way to relaxation.

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