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Safety Line

Solar Hand Crank AM/FM/NOAA Emergency & Weather Radio

for Household and Outdoor Emergency, with LED Flashlight, Reading Lamp, 2000mAh Power Bank USB Charger and SOS Alarm 

Contact us for Pricing Min.# 25 Units

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TITAN Hydration Back Pack - Silkscreen

Premier sport Hydration backpack. Carries 1 liter of water to make hydration a speedy effortless task. Inspired by hardcore hikers this hydration backpack features additional pockets and an over-the-shoulder tube that provides easy access to liquid refreshment. Features a lightweight breathable mesh harness.

Dimensions: 18in(w)9in(h)2in(d)

Colors: Grey, Red

Contact Us for Pricing. Min # 50 Units



It comes in a clear package, is USCG approved, and has a shelf life of up to six years. This is great to keep in storage for a worst-case scenario.


Must have as part of any disaster relief kit. 

Contact Us for Pricing. Min # 100  Units

Made in the United States

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UV Light Sanitizer Box, Portable UVC Light Sanitizer

Wireless Charging for Smart Phone with Aroma Diffuser, Large Capacity for all-size Phones, Watches, Jewelry, Toothbrushes, Beauty Tools

Contact Us for Pricing. Min # 25 Units


UVC Intelligent Hand-Held Sterilizer with Power Bank and Emergency Lighting Functions

Multifunctional Design: This UVC Intelligent Hand-Held Sterilizing Lamp is not only a disinfecting lamp, it is also a Power Bank and a Flashlight. The product also has voice prompts for switching situations, and it also has a gravity-sensing feature to make it safer for you to use.

Portable & Safety: The ultraviolet light wand comes with compact design and lightweight super convenient to store it in a backpack or suitcase for use while traveling and outings.

Application: It can be used in mobile phones, iPods, keyboards, laptops, toys, toothbrushes, remote controls, door handles, toilet covers, car seats, hotel, closets, toilets, and pet areas to achieve all around protection.

Note & Warning: Due to the short wavelength, it is normal for 6 ultraviolet LEDs to barely see the light on. People/Pet/Plant can't be exposed to the ultraviolet light for a long time, especially the eyes and skin.

About Shipping: US stock, 3-7 days delivery.

Contact Us for Pricing. Min # 25 Units

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DC100-240V Solar Panel Lighting KitSolar Home DC System Kit

USB Solar Charger with 3 LED Light Bulb as Emergency Light and 5 Mobile Phone Charger with 5V 1.5A Output Can Charge Power Bank with Remote Control

Contact Us for Pricing. Min # 25 Units

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