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New Microbial Technology

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

The current world situation caused by Covid-19 has forced us to adapt to a new reality where the use of a mask becomes part of our daily routine. Much is speculated about this garment and the protection it provides to its users; For this reason, it is necessary to look for textile solutions for masks a reliable source of information, especially when it is our safety and that of those around us that is at stake.

At BioCare Tech we are adding soon a set of textile solutions for our 3 layer face masks that have been evaluated under international standards. These standards describe the technical attributes that masks must meet, according to their use. There are established standards for surgical masks such as the European EN 14683: 2019; and also for uses other than health, reusable masks such as END 150 and UNE 0065.

To learn more about our portfolio, contact your Titan advisor. You can also contact us through our WhatsApp number (1) (561) 727-9687 or write to and

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