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Alkaline Nutrition & Hydration!

Wheat grass juice

Wheat grass juice is a nutritionally complete food and contains all known minerals (over 100 elements), and vitamins A, B-complex, C, E, l and K. It is extremely rich in protein, and contains 17 amino acids, the building blocks of protein.

It contains around 70% chlorophyll, which is an important blood builder.  It is full of the potent free-radical SOD which slows aging.  It helps purify the liver, increases the function of the heart, intestines and lungs.  It helps detox and remove heavy metals from the system!

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Hippocrates Health Institute's model that has been successfully helping people for over 60 years to activate their own healing potential for getting well. 

This Program teaches people how to incorporate a holistic approach into their overall cancer treatment plan & develop personalized strategies for achieving desirable results in getting well & staying well.

what is Alkaline Diet?

The Alkaline Diet is really simple and easy to understand. You just have to focus 80% of your eating on fresh, energizing, alkalizing vegetables, salads, oils, seeds, nuts etc. and minimize your consumption of acid-forming foods such as chips, chocolate, alcohol, tobacco, cola, bad fats, meats, dairy etc. It is that simple.

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The 80/20 principle works really well with the alkaline diet -- if you master the core information then you will get 80% of the benefit with just 20% of the effort. How does that sound to you?

Quick Start: Here is what I advise you to do to start feeling an increase in energy and vitality within 48 hours:

  • Eat Your Greens: for the first few weeks try to up your intake of fresh green vegetables and leaves by simply having a side salad with every single lunch and dinner!

  • Drink Up: you absolutely HAVE to aim for 2 liters (women) or 3 liters (men) of clean, alkaline water each and every day. This alone will have a huge impact on your energy and wellness.

  • Exercise: exercising will increase the benefits you feel from your diet by at least 500%. Aim for 3-5 40min sessions of a mixture of aerobic and resistance training each week. Start by walking or rebounding - just get moving!

  • Smart Supplementation: unless you have a specific health challenge I really recommend you focus on the four most important supplements - green drinks, pH drops, alkaline minerals & omega oils such as Udo's Choice. Everything will fall into place with these supplements.

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