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Healing to Our World Magazine

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Featured in this issue:

  • A LIFE-CHANGING JOB: Ronn and Amanda Schuman were both medical professionals when Ronn received the phone call that took them to Hippocrates Institute and changed their lives in ways they never anticipated.

  • ONE STEP BEGINS A HEALING JOURNEY: Taly Cotler thought her vegan life was a healthy way to live. However, stress pushed her to the limit, literally making her bedfast. When she came to HI, she not only found hope, she found healing.

  • MAKE ‘EM LAUGH: Make your life better and healthier with the Laugh Zone. Discover how in this issue.

  • HUG A WHALE: It’s not something everyone gets to do, but it is something everyone can use as a learning tool.

If you’re excited to see what’s in this issue,

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