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Facials & Peels
(For Men , Women & Teens)


  • Luxury Facial:  (All of our facials are a full hour and include an upper body massage and a customized mask)
    • Premier Luxury Facial
    • Premier Hydra Facial
    • Deep Pore Facial for Oily/Acne Prone Skin Type
    • Acupressure Facial for Sinus Relief
    • Luxury Back Facial (Facial for the Back)

Specialty Facials:

  • Dermaplane Facial
  • Hydrodermabrasion Facial
  • Glycolic Facial
  • Microdermabrasion Facial
  • O2 Lift Facial


  • Four-Layer Signature Peel

  • Acne Salicylic & Glycolic Peel
  • Wrinkle Glycolic & Retinol Peel
  • Skin Lightening Lactic Peel
  • Organic Passion Peel
  • Microderm & Peel
  • Perfection Peel with Retinol

Anti Acne Facial for teens 

  • Acne Salicylic

Luxury Facials

Facials treat the epidermis enhancing the look and texture of facial skin by cleansing, hydrating, removing dead skin cells, unblocking clogged pores, and/or tightening the facial skin. However the benefits of facials goes more than skin deep, providing a sense of relaxation and peace while enhancing self confidence and promoting a general feeling of well being.

Luxury Facials Include:

    • Exfoliation: Exfoliants stimulate cell renewal, remove dry skin, break down stubborn discoloration (brown spots), and fade post-breakout red/dark marks. Exfoliation also enables action ingredients to absorb deeper for maximum skin results.

    • Head, face, neck and shoulder massage: Not only incredibly relaxing, but facial massage increases micro-circulation bringing new nutrients to the skin at a cellular level.

    • Steam: Heat produced by steam softens hardened oils in the pores, making it easier for extraction and deep pore cleansing. Steam also hydrates the skin as long as cream seals in the moisture preventing evaporation.

    • Toning/Mask: Used at the end of the facial, masks lower skin temperature reducing redness and providing deep hydration. We use a hydrating mask at the end of all our facials, leaving your skin with an amazing glow!

Acupressure Facial

Relieve sinus tension and congestion with Serenity’s Acupressure Facial. Enjoy a relaxing Shiatsu Facial with one of Serenity’s licensed estheticians. The Acupressure Facial is an hour long treatment targeting sinus tension and congestion by focusing on sinus pressure points while cleansing, moisturizing, and toning the skin.

An Infrared Sauna Treatment, which reduces sinus inflammation while generating a number of additional health benefits, is highly recommended with this service.

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels treat the skin’s superficial layers with active enzymes promoting a healthy glow. Chemical Peels also remove skin’s most superficial layers leaving the younger, more vital looking skin underneath shining.

The Image Skincare chemical peels at Serenity are both safe and effective in treating dull / tired skin appearance, dehydrated skin, unbalanced/oily/acne prone skin, and irritated or sensitive skin. The Organic Passion Peel is safe for expecting mothers and our Four Layer Signature Peel is one of the only effective treatments for pigmentation concerns associated with Rosacea.

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